Annette Brown,  Certified Divorce Financial Analyst [CDFATM] and Divorce Coach in California

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Contemplating Divorce?

Annette Brown, CDFA & Divorce Coach, offers expert financial support and consulting during one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life, upon the impending dissolution of your marriage or business partnership.

AB & Associates offers Strategic Planning Guidance Services to individuals and their attorneys and small businesses, offering expert financial support and consulting for dissolving the financial aspects of your marriage or business partnerships.

Contemplating Divorce?

A CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) can help you

+ divide the assets and debts fairly

+ allocate income and expenses

+ assist you with complex calculations involving Separate Property

(what you had before or earned after the marriage)

+ determine division of RSUs, ISOs, etc.

+ Business Valuations

+ Support (child or spousal). 

As a CDFA, I provide you with scenarios so you can make the best financial decisions.

We work together to get you the best outcome.  

I offer a complimentary consultation. 

Most of my clients are divorcing in California, but CDFAs can assist you wherever you happen to be.

Annette Brown, CDFA(TM)

Divorce is Hard.

Don’t Go Through it Alone.

Second Saturday Divorce Workshop will provide professional guidance for all your divorce needs: Legal, Financial, Real Estate, Emotional Wellness, and family issues.

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Divorce Coaching

What to Expect

A typical divorce coaching experience includes the following: 

I will help you to assess the challenges that you are experiencing during an initial consultation and intake session.

Then, we will implement tools and methods that will help you overcome those challenges through regularly scheduled coaching sessions.

Throughout this process, we will set and achieve goals that are realistic, that lead you to your larger goals. 

We will maintain absolute confidentiality, I am here to support you through all of the challenges that you are experiencing, before, during and after your divorce.