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Annette Brown, MBA, EA, CDFATM

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Dynamic Strategic Financial Planning

Planning on getting married or growing a business?  
You need Strategic Financial Planning!

Planning on getting divorced or dissolving a business?  You need Strategic Financial Planning!

Getting Married/Divorced?

Getting Married?  Getting Divorced?
Don't go into it alone! With a Certified Divorce Financial Planner at your side, you are making SMART decisions today that will impact your future!

Act Now to Preserve your ASSets!

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Answer this quick quiz:

1)  How do I trace my Separate Property?  How do I keep it separate throughout my marriage, but still benefit from the assets?

2)  Will I have to sell my home, or more importantly, should I? 

3)  How do you divide your pension earnings and retirement savings earned before and during marriage?

4) How is support calculated and is it waiveable?         (Child support is never waiveable.)


What my clients are saying:

Annette was invaluable in this process! - Ginny B

Annette is fair and logical in her analysis and advise. - David E.

Thanks for everything, Annette.  You were very helpful during a difficult time. - Steve D.

Annette Brown, MBA, EA,CDFATM
Growing your Business?

Take every action you make, and make it a Strategic Action!
Create a business plan that will help you find your targets, stay on target and meet your goals -- FAST!

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Do you have a business plan that you can bring to an investor, foundation or bank?  It has to be concise and thorough!  It has to be STRATEGIC!
(Do you have 15 minutes to write one?)

Do you have well defined, measurable goals with goalettes to help drive your actions forward?

Can you translate your goals into Budgets? 

Can you translate your goals into time specific ACTIONS?

Do you really know which goals are your priorities?

What my clients are saying:

This process really clarifies my goals! - Melanie D

I really feel that I can do this now! - Nat C

Annette Brown, MBA, EA,CDFATM